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drug abuse

  1. justinacolmena

    Third Amendment

    No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law. The Pilgrims who settled in America hated British landlords. Note the capitalization of the term "Owner." The idea of a "house" of any...
  2. AveryJarhman

    "My father’s addiction made him a stranger. Is it too late to get to know him now?"

    #TheLargerIssue #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions "My father’s addiction made him a stranger. Is it too late to get to know him now?" Perspective | My father’s addiction made him a stranger. Is it too late to get to know him now? This is an interesting, well...
  3. P@triot

    No wonder the left is so strung out

    History has proven time and time again that bad things happen to individuals and societies that reject God. And the left has overwhelmingly rejected God... 2 States Ravaged by Opioids Show Difference Faith Makes
  4. AveryJarhman

    Mrs. Obama, Beyonce, Willful Ignorance, Criminally Negligent Parenting

    Did Beyonce Clue Michelle Obama In On Her Super Bowl 50 Fashion? Media reports, *"The show is being celebrated by Black Lives Matters and “pro-black power” voices, including Michelle Obama, who gave a pre-game interview telling Beyonce she had her full support and would even dress for the...
  5. AveryJarhman


    I'll get right to my point. Should Baltimore mom Ms. Toya Graham be held ACCOUNTABLE for immorally and irresponsibly introducing SIX children to a life of pain and struggle that caused her depressed teen son and many of his depressed teen classmates to try and cause grave harm or death to...
  6. AveryJarhman

    Michelle Obama on young Barack: 'He was a bum'

    Michelle Obama on young Barack: 'He was a bum' - Michelle and Barack Obama? Aren't they America's current *Premier Presidential and Parental First Couple* who in an attempt to inspire young people about becoming educated, thoughtfully invited to our White House an angry...
  7. AveryJarhman

    Reparations For Our Neighbors of African Descent

    Apparently a substantial number of my American neighbors believe Americans of African descent are entitled to compensation for the acts of racism, bigotry, greed and human ignorance that deprived for too many peaceful, caring, loving people from enjoying freedom and the pleasures of life other...
  8. AveryJarhman

    Rapper Killer Mike: "Men Should Stand Up Against Assault"

    Killer Mike Speaks Out Against a Close Friend and Sexual Harassment in the Music Industry *"Killer Mike: Men Should Stand Up Against Assault"* Several times I've listened to Mike "Killer Mike" Render speak about a population of American kids in need of mentoring. I applaud his words, though...
  9. AveryJarhman

    "Big Sean recently donated $10,000 to aid those suffering through the Flint Water Cr

    Big Sean Gives $10,000 To Flint Water Crisis, Urges Others To Donate Big Sean Gives $10,000 To Flint Water Crisis, Urges Others To Donate Big Sean Gives...
  10. AveryJarhman

    Watch Kids React To DJ Khaled's Snapchats (Video)

    Kids React To Dj Khaled Snapchat Compilation Khaled 'DJ Khaled' Mohamed Khaled performs raps that include disrespecting his less fortunate neighbors, Street Hustling, selling and using people/community harming addictive drugs, gun violence, viewing women a less than human ^itches and ^hores...
  11. AveryJarhman

    The Real Reason Why Rap Music Was Turned Into Negative Gangsta Rap

    2015 Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar was born in 1987. During a January 20, 2011 LAWeekly interview Kendrick told the interviewer: *"Lamar's parents moved from Chicago to Compton in 1984 with all of $500 in their pockets. "My mom's one of 13 [THIRTEEN] siblings, and they all got SIX kids, and...
  12. AveryJarhman

    Re: Author Toni Morrison; God Help the Child

    Toni Morrison: ‘I’m writing for black people … I don’t have to apologise’ Ms. Toni Morrison informed the people of our world, "I'm writing for black people … I don’t have to apologise" Dear Ms. Morrison, with all due respect I, Avery Jarhman, an American citizen who spent twelve years of my...
  13. AveryJarhman

    Mistrial declared in trial of Officer William Porter in death of Freddie Gray

    Freddie Gray case: Hung jury in Baltimore cop's trial - "Another group of protesters called police officers racist, chanting, "No justice, no peace" and, "All night, all day, we will fight for Freddie Gray." Is there a group of protesters angry and upset at the thousands of American...

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