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  1. The Original Tree

    The FBI was Silent & Sat on Hunter's Laptop while Biden & The Democrats Shampeached The President!

    THE FBI HAD HUNTER BIDEN's LAPTOP for 4 Months before THE SHAMPEACHMENT began and did and said NOTHING! It's all there. The Bidens Belong in Jail And then there is this:
  2. The Original Tree

    Dems Desperate to bury their own Actual Russia - Ukraine Collusion

    Keep paying attention kids and what you will learn is all this huffing and puffing by The Radical DemNazi Clinton - Obama - Marixst Cabal is only to hide the fact that Obama and Clinton and The DNC actively invited The Ukraine and Russia to interfere in our elections because they were fearful of...
  3. The Original Tree

    Brennan Traveled to The Ukraine with a Fake Identity to get "Dirt on Trump" for Obama & Clinton

    BOOM THERE IT IS! As has been the case for 3 years, The Democrats are EVIL Lying Seditious and Traitorous Scumbags who will stop at nothing to gain power, right down to launching a COUP, and Committing Treason. First Obama and Clinton beg Putin for help in beating Trump in 2016, and then...
  4. The Original Tree

    Commie Castro Dox's Republican Donors Hoping for Violence and Harassment

    Just another classless piece of crap like Maxine Waters, and Hillary Clinton who use the violence of others to harass, intimidate, and criminally assault their political rivals. No doubt his brother not only knew this was going on but put him up to this. Castro should remove himself from the...
  5. The Original Tree

    Climate Change Agenda Revolt and Riots in France

    Coming soon to a town near you. This was where Obama was headed, and had Hitlery got elected, she would have continued the war on coal and energy. Full Story at the link below. 'Something's Broken Within Our Society': Farage on Paris Riots, 'Disconnect' Between Elites and Ordinary People...
  6. The Original Tree

    Robert Mueller: The Desperate Wealthy DeFacto Head of The FBI

    After two years of trying to ruin the life of a highly decorated and honorable General Flynn, and after bankrupting him, finding nothing but the fact he did not file a form correctly; a so called process crime that Mueller and Comey let people like John Podesta avoid by filing the same forms...
  7. The Original Tree

    Mueller Clown Show: Worse Than Anthrax Bungling, and Enron Railroading.

    Mueller has a history of incompetence that he often covers with Prosecutorial Misconduct, Altering Witness Statements, Railroading Innocent Men, and Charging People with Petty Offenses, Setting Perjury Traps and Encouraging Witnesses to Perjure themselves in exchange for lenient sentences...
  8. Steve_McGarrett

    BREAKING: Uncovered Susan Rice Email to HERSELF Implicates Comey, Yates & Obama Spying On Trump

    They're all being ensnared due to their arrogance and emails exposing their treachery against Trump and the American people who voted for him. BREAKING: Grassley Uncovers Bizarre Susan Rice Email to HERSELF on Secret Meeting with Comey, Yates and OBAMA on Spying on Trump
  9. The Original Tree

    A Televised TREASON TRIAL is the ONLY THING which will RESTORE the FBI & DOJ

    These people..... ALL OF THEM, involved in this COUP, in trying to RIG the ELECTION, and working Feverishly to Exonerate Clinton, Obstruct Justice, and Destroy Evidence ALL OF THEM NEED TO GO ON TRIAL. This needs to be TELEVISED LIVE and out in THE OPEN, and THE PENALTIES NEED TO BE EXTREME! A...
  10. The Original Tree

    Lock Her Up Is Going to Make a Come Back

    Based on everything I have read and seen a lot of Back Stabbing Treasonous Sons of a Bitches need to go to Jail..... And to be honest, we need to see some of them face a firing squad. That is how bad this was. They tried to stage a Mother Fucking Coup from Inside THE FBI! Fucking Resist MY...
  11. AsianTrumpSupporter

    As CA AG, Kamala Harris appealed dismissal of criminal case where prosecutor fabricated evidence

    Prosecutors protect themselves first: Column When you're charged with a crime, you're in a tough spot. As soon as charges are filed, you're faced with the necessity of either (1) negotiating a plea bargain, which means you'll plead guilty to something or other; or (2) going to trial, where you...
  12. The Original Tree

    Clinton is crooked as an Alaskan Summer Day is long!

    Clinton is crooked as an Alaskan Summer Day is long! She is about the cheatenest, lying bitch that ever lived. Her list of scandals is a mile long, but I can only cover her last few years of criminal and unethical, so enjoy the hard cold truth. No one has even touched the CNN...
  13. The Original Tree

    Manafort's Work on Behalf of The Podesta Brothers With Russia

    Got to love how all of this is playing out. If True that Manafort is going to be indicted, he is going to be indicted for work he did with The Podesta Brothers who are arguably going to be the next target of Mueller's. And if Mueller is not a political hack like many are accusing him of, he...
  14. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Lawyer suing DNC for fraud received voice-disguised call from D. Wasserman-Schultz's local office

    The noose is tightening around the Clintons and Debbier Wasserman-Schultz: Breaking: Debbie Wasserman Schultzs IT Staffer Wired $283,000 To Pakistan Before Dulles Arrest The lawyer who received the call is in fear for her life due to murder of witness, Seth Rich. She also discusses how two...
  15. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Clinton Foundation whistleblower "commits suicide" one day before he was to testify in Haiti. MIAMI, Florida, USA ( – The former director of the Economic and Social Assistance Fund[1] (FAES), Klaus Eberwein, was declared dead by suicide by the Miami Medical Examiner after his body was found in a...
  16. mudwhistle

    Comey Testifies That Lynch Tampered With The Email Investigation

    Comey testified that Former AG Loretta Lynch pressured him into not calling Hillary's email investigation an investigation. That's a clear cut case of tampering if I ever saw one!!! What else did the former AG do to protect Hillary??? Comey says former Obama AG pressured him on Clinton...
  17. RodISHI

    Love this News guy, Russia, Comey, Flynn and our president.....

    I love Bill Still's reports. He is very thorough and I think he nailed it on Comey and the Clinton crime family plans.... I think our president is much smarter than people are giving him credit for. GO Trump!!!!

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