1. FDR_Reagan

    Muslims' 20-Year Genocide Against Christians in Nigeria… but "Free [racist] Palestine!!" Blah blah - hypocrisy

    Muslims Wage 20-Year Genocide Against Christians in Nigeria… Hey, who cares? "Free [racist] Palestine!! Blah blah.
  2. Street Juice

    Jerusalem belongs to Samaritans; Christian Zionists bamboozled again

    After Rome had had enough and razed Jerusalem in 70 AD, "For long periods during the next nineteen hundred years no Jews at all lived in Jerusalem (the Samaritans, a tiny remnant of whom have survived all the persecutions, are the only people who have lived continuously in Palestine since Old...
  3. JGalt

    Remember all the news coverage those 32 Christians murdered by Muslims got two weeks ago?

    I don't either. Someone told me about it and I said "Seriously, you're joking, right?" I thought she was pulling my leg because come on really, who would murder 32 Christians? So I looked it up. And by golly, she wasn't just jerking my chain...
  4. deanrd

    Peter Wehner served 3 GOP admins: Everything Trump touches rots. The worst is yet to come.

    The Full-Spectrum Corruption of Donald Trump an incredible op ed from Peter Wehner. But it's not free. The Last Temptation Trump’s background and beliefs could hardly be more incompatible with traditional Christian models of life and leadership. Trump’s past political stances (he once...
  5. deanrd

    Republicans warming up for a HUGE "War of Hate" against American gays.

    Jeff Sessions’ ‘Religious Liberty Task Force’ Declares Holy War on LGBT People Jeff Sessions wants to make sure that you can be fired for being gay. Trump administration says it’s time to stop punishment of anti-gay African countries It won't be just national. Trump and the GOP going global...
  6. Ancient lion

    Prophet Muhammad on Christians

    1- “The Christians… respected my alliance. They recognized my rights. They fulfilled the promises that they had made during our meeting. They assisted the lieutenants that I had sent to the frontiers. They earned my concern and my affection by fulfilling the obligations that I had contracted...
  7. Ancient lion

    Do Jews like prophet Jesus?

    Jews don't believe in Prophet Jesus. Christians accuse Jews of killing Prophet Jesus. Muslims believe in both Prophets of God: Moses and Jesus. In the light of the above stated facts, Rabbi Tovia Singer tries to answer this question:
  8. ding

    The affirmative case for Christianity

    Christianity promotes the virtues of thankfulness, forgiveness, humility, chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience and kindness. Christianity is responsible for the creation of wonderful charities and organizations which serve the betterment of man. Christians and Christian...
  9. American_Jihad

    What Islam teaches is one of the highest offerings to Allah

    Still to this day I can not fig out why the left defends radical islam when in the long run their new found buddies will behead them along with the lgbt community, atheist, etc, etc... A Hate to Die For What Islam teaches is one of the highest offerings to Allah. January 10, 2017 Raymond...
  10. Peony

    Deadline for Genocide

    Over ten years, eleven Christians were killed per hour for being Christians, according to Vatican analyst John Allen in 2013. Allen calls it a Global War on Christians. This war is still going on today. Christians all over the world are being martyred at thrice the number in the last two...
  11. G

    So if John the Baptist lied is lying OK in Christianity?

    John 1:21 English Standard Version (ESV) (21)And they asked him, “What then? Are you Elijah?” He said, “I am not.” “Are you the Prophet?” And he answered, “No.” Matthew 11:13-14 English Standard Version (ESV) (13)For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John, (14)and if you are willing...
  12. American_Jihad

    Hillary Clinton Finally Decides

    Where has this beatch been, and she want to be da leader, lol... Hillary Clinton Finally Decides Christians are Suffering Genocide How nice of Hillary. December 30, 2015 Daniel Greenfield How nice of Hillary. Hillary Clinton on Tuesday called the killing of Christians and other religious...
  13. Anonymous1977

    Jesus' dishonorable behavior toward his mother

    So if Jesus in the Bible behaved dishonorably toward his mother Mary, and dishonoring your mother is against the Mosaic law, did Jesus break that law...? -
  14. Anonymous1977

    Acts 10:34-35; if "God does NOT show favoritism," why do some Christians?

    My other thread about this issue in the Palestine - Israel conflict was closed because the OP didn't plainly state what I meant in citing this Scripture, but if the New Testament in the Bible says that "God does not show favoritism" — and it does say that — why do some Christians continue to...
  15. Anonymous1977

    Christians, please comment on this article :)

    I've recently left the faith but would any Christian please comment on this news article: Alabama pastor accused of raping 15-year-old member of congregation -
  16. September

    The evolution of spirituality and religion...

    Some people believe that Islam "stole" teachings from Christianity, or that Christianity "stole" from Judaism. Some believe Thelema "stole" from The Golden Dawn and the OTO, and that the Golden Dawn "stole" from the Jewish Kabbalah. Some even believe Abrahamism "stole" from Zoroastrianism...
  17. Anonymous1977

    Cool picture...

  18. Anonymous1977

    Pope kissing copy of Qur'an (Moslem scripture book)

    Image of Pope John Paul II kissing a copy of the Moslem scripture book (the Qur'an:)...Question: Why would the Pope be kissing a copy of a book that says that Jesus is NOT God's Son???

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