1. Grumblenuts

    What Has This Latest Inflation Cost You Personally?

    Nixon froze wages and stopped an inflation dead. Dr. Richard Wolff discusses how things could have been done differently. Harriet Fraad reveals who has needlessly suffered most and why.
  2. georgephillip

    Capitalism is Violence

    What connects slave labor, the ruthless extraction of foreign natural resources, wars of aggression, and regular mass shooting episodes in the US? Systemic Disorder "Violence, force and coercion — exemplified in widespread use of slave labor, imperialist conquests of peoples around the world...
  3. Q

    "Market economy is for robots, socialism is for people"

    What should the creation of AI lead to and how it will affect human society. I grew up in the USSR under socialism, when there was free medicine, secondary education and higher education - those who passed the competition for admission to the university. Also, under socialism, everyone was...
  4. georgephillip

    A World Without Capitalism and Tradable Shares?

    If tradable shares as enshrined in corporate law "weaponized" capitalism, is it time to revisit the scene of the crime? Opinion | A world without capitalism is not too hard to envision "Confronting rentier capitalism and fashioning firms for which social responsibility is more than a marketing...
  5. Street Juice

    CDZ Communism, Capitalism, Fascism

    In a fascist system, the State is supreme and exists for the benefit of the nation and its citizens. It is explicitly nationalist. In a communist system, the State is supreme and exists for the benefit of the party and the international proletariat. It is explicitly globalist. In a capitalist...
  6. Robert Urbanek

    The Walmart dream

    In a dream from last night, I am inside a Walmart in Vacaville although the store layout appears different. I and four or five young men and women in their mid to late 20s are planning to destroy the store by rearranging the shelves and aisles. We can move them easily. I push some to the front...
  7. georgephillip

    Nader: Why Democrats Had a Bad Election Day

    For the second POTUS election in a row elite Democrats assumed that running as not-Donald Trump would be a winning strategy, yet, in spite of having twice as much money as Republicans, Democrats showed, once again, running weak candidates with no agendas for people who are not among the richest...
  8. georgephillip

    Marx Fought for Freedom

    How did Karl Marx view the exchange value of human slavery? Karl Marx Fought for Freedom "Marx did not view the large-scale enslavement of Africans by Europeans, which began in the early sixteenth century in the Caribbean, as a repeat of Roman or Arab slavery, but as something new. "It...
  9. georgephillip

    Trump is the Sign of US Capitalism's Collapse

    There's a Crisis in US Capitalism - "Trump is a product and sign of U.S. capitalism’s exhaustion. "The long, cozy governmental alternation between GOP and Democrats after the trauma of the 1930s Great Depression had achieved its purpose. "It had undone FDR’s redistribution...
  10. P@triot

    Progressive Propaganda: The Capitalism Edition

    The left works very hard to create a narrative that capitalism is "evil" or "immoral" despite the fact that it has done more to raise the standard of living for all of mankind in 100 years than every system ever combined did in thousands and thousands of years. And once again we see...
  11. RodISHI

    What is the difference between Democrat and Democratic?

    Rod and I have both noticed the DNC has been rebranding itself in the recent years. Instead of being the Democrats they now use Democratic as their new brand. Rod asked me about it last night as he couldn't quite get his head wrapped around why they are doing that. Here is the obvious difference...
  12. georgephillip

    Capitalism's Failures in Hong Kong

    What's to blame for escalating protests in Hong Kong, capitalism or Communist China? Why it’s wrong to blame Beijing for Hong Kong protests "Hong Kong’s civil unrest is motivated less by democratic dreams than by a crushing hopelessness in the face of growing inequality Capitalism’s failures...
  13. georgephillip

    Trump, Racism, and Capitalism

    Donald Trump was born into the ruling class. He was a millionaire by age eight. Racism was likely a staple of his childhood. He gets a pass today because of his alleged "well earned wealth" when, in reality, everything he's accomplished sprang from an accident of birth. He's the corrupt...
  14. G

    CDZ Super Capitalism. You have 2 Cows

    Super Capitalism. You have 2 cows. You move them to a land where milk isn't taxed and sell it with currency central banks don't control. Soon, no government tax milk because all the cows move somewhere else if they do. Super Capitalism is like normal...
  15. georgephillip

    Power in a Capitalist Society

    Capitalism stands democracy on its head by allowing a wealthy few to acquire vast private fortunes at public expense; socialism advances social use rather than private profits. "Capitalism arises from relations of private-ownership that allow a wealthy minority to control all the resources...
  16. Litwin

    Communists under Capitalism vs. Capitalists under Communism. why so many still don't get it ?

    Communists under Capitalism vs. Capitalists under Communism. why so many still don't get it ?
  17. georgephillip

    Marx and the Dutch East India Capitalism

    Any economic system dependent upon unpaid labor (slavery) for its first century of "success" in the US should settle the question of profits over people, but obviously ignorance is bliss for many 21st Century consumers MR Online | Marx and the Dutch East India Company "In the final part of...
  18. G

    CDZ If one government is bad, why don't we go to the opposite direction?

    NATION STATE: At The Apostolic Palace, The King Of Vatican City Calls For A One World Government More Powerful Than The United Nations • Now The End Begins <- the link is just a sample. Should I remove it? People say that one world government is bad. I agree. Imagine if Germany is one...
  19. J

    Capitalism vs Socialism vs our free enterprise system. What is your choice?

    For distinctions between our system, as intended by our Founders, and “Capitalism”, see: PART TWO: Free Enterprise is Better than Capitalism The following descriptions of “Capitalism” and “Free Enterprise” are noted as follows: Capitalism (crony capitalism) : A system where the law...
  20. G

    CDZ Libertarianism is a Great Ideology but it Has Flaws

    Someone told me that my idea of privatization of states is not libertarianism. It's ancap. I thought about it. I thought I am a very moderate libertarian. Libertarians see governments as oppressors. I see governments as a very inefficient protectors. Libertarians see others as parasites (I used...
  21. G

    How do georgists and democracies handle exponential welfare recipients breeding?

    Imagine if I have a corporation. Say some share holders breed and breed and breed and breed. No problem. The share holders and their descendants will only have the same number of shares. However, democracies and georgism have a problem. Democracies give votes for every people. One man one...
  22. georgephillip

    How Capitalism Turns Nice People Into Psychopaths

    "The evidence suggests that corporations might encourage people to think and act more anti-socially. What does owning stock do to our brains?" "It's conventional wisdom in business circles today that corporate directors should 'maximize shareholder value.' "Corporations supposedly exist to...
  23. P@triot

    Why progressives should surrender their ideology, swallow their pride, and get onboard

    The indisputable, undeniable fact is that capitalism has been wholly responsible for raising the standard of living for all of mankind. For thousands of years, mankind toiled in misery under Kings and Queens. In 1776, Americans rise up and defeat the British. They implement a republic...
  24. P@triot

    Right vs. Left is Logic vs. Emotion

    Jimmy Kimmel's recent viral monologue is a prime example of how the left values irrational emotions over logic and reason. That is why the left supports failed ideologies such as socialism, communism, etc. Because it feels good to them. They could care less that it ends in poverty, misery, and...
  25. Onyx

    What is your economics philosophy?

    I have been trending more towards mutualism lately. I am also a syndicalist, which I believe is superior to vertically organized companies. I believe it would be easier to speak for what I want though. I want to live in a society with voluntary capital interactions in a toned down sustainable...
  26. georgephillip

    Capitalist Ethics: A Bonus for Committing Fraud

    Wall Street On Parade “Back in 2002, Mark Belnick, who had previously been one of the legal go-to guys for Wall Street as a rising star at corporate law firm Paul,Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, found himself transplanted as General Counsel at fraud-infested Tyco International. Mr. Belnick...
  27. L

    The Bernie Sanders "Fairness State"

    Freedom is better then artificial/forced equality! Like,Subscribe,Comment, YouTube Channel: LogicFTW
  28. American_Jihad

    The misguided leftist hatred of the free market

    The left and that utopian dream that everyone will be the same will never ever happen... Two Cheers for Capitalism The misguided leftist hatred of the free market. February 24, 2016 Bruce Thornton If you want a monument to the failure of American schools, just look around a Bernie...
  29. DonaldFG

    What makes a successful economic system?

    What is the ultimate purpose of an economic system? It could basically be defined as a way to produce and distribute the goods and services needed by the society it serves. Okay, but how can we measure the success of the system we choose? Here are some ways: Every individual gets to enjoy the...
  30. D

    I want Bill Gates to be richer

    I want Bill Gates, and all people who have gotten rich legally off of business, to get richer. The fact that Gates is worth Billions, doesn't negatively effect me at all. In fact, it helps. Let's look at it. Whoever buys software from Mircrosoft gave them $300 or so to make their life easier...

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