1. TheHardTruth

    Mini Mike Bloomberg may be commiting a 3rd Degree Felony in Florida Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his political operation have raised more than $16 million from supporters and foundations over the last week to pay the court fines and fees for over 30,000 Black and...
  2. Nostra

    Bloomberg OUT!

    Breaking. No link yet.
  3. Obiwan

    Bloomberg blames Bernie supporters for Tennessee campaign office vandalism

    Looks like Bernie's Brownshirts are at it again!!! The Democratic primary for president took an ugly turn when a Mike Bloomberg’s office in Knoxville, Tennessee was vandalized Thursday night — and Team...
  4. The Original Tree

    Will Oligarch Bloomberg Outspend Clinton to Buy The White House?

    The Clinton Campaign Spent between $1.5 to $2 Billion in an effort to buy her and her handlers way in to The White House. Bloomberg has spent $400 Million so far. And other candidates are spending money at a furious pace. Donald Trump spent only $225 Million and was outspent 6-1 by Clinton in...
  5. deanrd

    Bloomberg hiring expert on narcissism and a comedy writer to get in Donald Trump’s head

    Katie Couric broke news about Trump on ‘Real Time’ — and it is hilarious “I talked to somebody from the Bloomberg campaign, they said they’re hiring an expert on narcissism and combining that — no, this is for real — and combining that person with a comedy writer to get in Donald Trump’s...
  6. protectionist


    Mike Bloomberg's latest TV commercial is the biggest joke yet. It shows workers in factories, and tries to convey the message that Bloomberg, if elected president, will give us a good economy. It has big block letters reading "MIKE WILL GET IT DONE" Really ? EARTH TO MIKE: It 's already...
  7. The Original Tree

    President Trump's Impeachment just 36 Days vs Clinton's at 162

    Democrat Radicals Are Channeling Khrushchev Today! They want Impeachment under their Christmas Tree, and in their rush to accuse and write articles of impeachment against our duly elected president, denied him Due Process, Refused to allow The Judiciary to arbitrate disagreements between The...
  8. Cellblock2429

    Lib Reporter: US economy too healthy for investors.

    Bloomberg reporter EMMA CHANDRA: We are looking at majors here in the U.S., in the red, down about two-tenths, three-tenths of a percent — six-tenths of a percent for the NASDAQ — as we’re seeing tech get hit pretty badly. Today, it seems that the economy in the U.S. is too healthy for...
  9. American_Jihad

    Coal is up and Green is down

    Green is the lefts easy money, and a lot of them tied up big money with silly carbon banks and so on, remember Solyndra scandal... BLOOMBERG’S GREEN VS COAL MINERS Coal is up and Green is down. May 9, 2017 Daniel Greenfield ... Or saving dead tree copies of Climate of Hope from their...
  10. Slade3200

    Pros/Cons of Presidential Candidates... Is Bloomberg the answer?

    Fact of the matter is... none of the top candidates show strong promise. Trump is great at firing people up and is by far the most entertaining candidate to listen to, however, he is so off the wall with his extreme ideas for immigration/national security and so reactionary with his defensive...

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