1. georgephillip

    Warren and the Divine Right of Capital: Accountable Capitalism Act

    How do you square this circle: The structure and legal basis of the modern MAGA corporation bears a great deal of resemblance to feudal estates, and this reality is at odds in an era that claims to value democracy over the Divine Right of Kings? Warren has a plan: Accountable Capitalism Act -...
  2. S

    2018 elections, ACA, and pre-existing medical conditions.

    2018 elections, ACA, and pre-existing medical conditions. This Tuesday we’ll learn to what extent voters’ perceptions of the Affordable Care Act have already changed. Republican candidates are fearful and they’re promising to “protect” the prohibition of ACA insurers to increase prices of...
  3. N

    Obama Care

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted by Congress in 2010. It is a law that was put into place to make sure that all Americans have access to affordable health insurance. This law was enacted under the Obama administration and so it is sometimes referred to as “Obama Care”. There are many...
  4. deanrd

    Are you glad Trump's followers will get whacked bigly next year on healthcare?

    Healthcare Reform News Updates n a statement, Baldwin called the plans “junk insurance” and said that they “could increase costs and reduce access to quality coverage for millions, force premium increases on older Americans, and harm people with pre-existing conditions.” The number of...
  5. S

    Individuals’ Catastrophic Medical costs.

    I originally posted this topic last year within a different group. The link from which I quote is from a NY Times article dated July 3, 2018 and was linked the next day within an MSN web site. The article's title is entitled “Obamacare Is Proving Hard to Kill”, by Reed Abelson. Respectfully...
  6. Fort Fun Indiana

    Trump changing health insurance forever!

    ...or, until his executive order is struck down in court. Trump: Executive order would allow interstate purchase of health insurance This is an absolutely terrible idea. It was the rotten Easter egg hidden in the GOP plan for years. Even they didn't like it, on average.
  7. P

    What Are The Different Health Care Solutions?

    Can anyone point me to a site that breaks down the different solutions being offered to deal with healthcare? What are the pros and cons?
  8. RodISHI

    Scrap ACA and let's do some things that will improve peoples health overall...

    Watch this video to hear why ACA and any associated tax systems need to be repealed fully. Have a program similar to the Digital Antenna Box coupons or Cash for Clunkers but instead get everyone a quality water filtration system that will actually work to mitigate the majority of health...
  9. Y

    Current repeal/replace proposals as of 1/25/2017 for ACA

    On 1/25/2017 Rand Paul introduced his ACA Replacement Act which removes PARTS of ACA and which allows insurers to cross state lines. On 1/31/2017 Ted Cruz introduced his ACA Repeal Act which completely repeals the ACA provisions and restores the law where it was before ACA. Tom Price the newly...
  10. woz75

    American Medical Association Classifies "Trump Depression Disorder" as an Actual Disease

    This is really a thing? CRAZY CAKES Dr. Hermanson says immediately following Donald Trump’s election, anxious phone calls from patients started filling her voicemail. “They were not just worried about the direction President Trump might take the nation, but also questioning what will become of...
  11. Y

    Is now a good time for the GOP to change Senate rules?

    Nothing in the US Constitution mentions supermajority requirements except for (1) the passage of new Amendments and (2) impeachment of the POTUS. And the history of the evolution of the filibuster rule in the Senate evolved from 1892 when the SCOTUS ruled that the Senate may therefore change...
  12. S

    CDZ The fate of Obamacare

    Now that he has been elected, Trump seems to be wavering on his pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare. He now is saying that it can be modified somehow. He says that he wants to keep the requirement that insurers not be allowed to deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions and that young...
  13. Y

    Things that Pres-Elect Trump MAY and may NOT be able to change

    Today's news focused on Pres-Elect Trump's first 100 days. Here are some things that he may and may not be able to change, however McConnell and Ryan will need to agree, and the far right wing of the GOP will likely also need to agree: 1 - Jobs for the blue collar Midwest -- maybe. Trump...
  14. anotherlife

    Why do obese people get health insurance?

    Healthcare, including the ACA is unaffordable, because providers are forced to insure obesity and obesity related illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. Wouldn't it solve the affordability crisis, if insurers could just drop obese clients? After all, anything you insure, must be in a...

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