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    Trump Won't Compel Corporations To Produce Medical Supplies Because...Conservatism

    America must make it worth the time for companies to produce medical supplies. This is the time for corporations to make it big; no war, only a bug.
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    Next time you hear someone criticizing socialism...

    America uses a number of economic systems. It has always had some forms of socialism, capitalism, and maybe even a little communism, if it fit. The degrees of each depends largely on need and fit at the tune. The need for socialism for some, is it's use as a scare word, as they did with Social...
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    Donald Trump might go down in history as the greatest president of all time

    Will America's best historians make the rating of Trump or some other organization? We'll see how the people rate him. With both ratings I wonder if history books will even mention him? Trump may be the first president that history books fail to list as president.
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    Thank God for our RIGHT to keep and bear arms

    So it looks like we should thank the liberals for insisting on a Bill of Rights.
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    Right vs. Left is Logic vs. Emotion

    Seven or eight years of college, but true, I was not a good high school student.
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    Your Logical Explanation.Why Democrats Are Suddenly Stocking Up On Toilet Paper.

    democrats bought up the gold mine of toilet paper for a reason. They will now sell the used sheets to the Republicans.
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    America’s Forgotten WWII Internment Camps --- History Forgotten

    As I remember, the Italian and Germans suspects were already identified, but the Japanese were not. When Pearl Harbor happened the Germans and Italians suspects were picked up but the Japanese were not., so all Japanese were picked up on the West coast, The West Coast was where the aircraft...
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    America’s Forgotten WWII Internment Camps --- History Forgotten

    Republicans would have a great case, if some Japanese citizens created sabotage on the West Coast airplane factories. Imagine the outcry by Republican because FDR did not protect those factories, and the Republicans would have a great case. Instead some Japanese joined the American army and...
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    Biden is a socialist !

    When in America's history has this nation ever had pure capitalism?
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    Biden is a socialist !

    The Founders of this nation were progressive liberals.
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    Poll: Should the Govt provide every American with free guns?

    States provided free health care to its citizens at the beginning. We began as a liberal nation and States took on the responsibility of feeding the poor. Read up on the "poor farms."
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    Biden is a socialist !

    If Republicans were correct, America has been a communist nation since Democrats voted in Social Security in 1935. We have lived with this communist Social Security monster all these years, and the nation suffers. But not too worry, Trump will eliminate Social Security and America will return...
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    The Ink was barely dry

    The Core values of liberalism remain the same but the implementation may change over time.

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