Wonder Girls, SNSD & 2NE1 to make their US debut in 2012

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    Hallyu’s top three girl groups, the Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, and 2NE1 will be releasing albums in the US back to back in an attempt to make a breakthrough in the birthplace of pop.

    The Wonder Girls will be releasing their single “The DJ is Mine” on January 11th, Girls’ Generation will be releasing ‘The Boys‘ special album on the 17th, and 2NE1′s new album produced by the world-famous will.i.am will also be dropping in the near future.

    The Wonder Girls’ single will be released through their Teen Nick TV Movie, ‘THE WONDER GIRLS‘ which hits the small screen on February 2nd, and the girl group will also be dropping their full-length album along with the release of their movie.

    2NE1 is working on a new project with will.i.am. The producer recently tweeted, “This @2ne1 is coming out crazy…#willpower“, further evoking anticipation amongst Blackjacks everywhere. And Girls’ Generation who was featured on NPR last December have already begun selling reserved copies of their ‘The Boys’ special album online.

    These girls will finally be making their official debut into the biggest music market in the world, and their efforts are expected to rake in tangible results for K-pop and further spread Hallyu awareness all over the globe.


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