Woman "accidentally" backs her SUV into kids, killing her child

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    $100 says she's an illegal. If the police had done their job and treated her like someone legally present, she would have been jailed in the past, and the car confiscated, so she wouldn't have even been able to have done it. I believe the Daily Mail also says the police had just been at her house too prior to this.

    Marianable Cruz-Lopez accidentally backs over five children KILLING her daughter | Mail Online

    8-year-old killed, 4 children injured after mother backs SUV into kids in driveway - The Washington Post

    Police, who are continuing to investigate, have not filed any charges against Cruz-Lopez. Julie Parker, a police spokeswoman, said that investigators found no evidence of drug or alcohol use and thought that the incident was “simply a devastating accident.”

    But according to police and court records, Cruz-Lopez did not have a valid driver’s license and had received several traffic tickets in Montgomery County on March 30 — for driving without a license, failing to secure a child under the age of 8 in a safety seat, giving a fake name to a police officer and counts related to defective lighting equipment on her vehicle.

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