Wicked hotel business in Georgia

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    I’m a Turkish businessman and I had a misfortune to open a hotel in Batumi. About a year ago one of my Turkish friends and business colleagues in spite of my persuasions decided to open a hotel in Georgia. And now he got into prison alongside with a group of unlucky fellow businessmen, who also opened hotels in Tbilisi, Gori, Batumi and in some other Georgian cities. They are accused in the making of the forged documents. In fact those documents are not forged, just an old tax bookkeeping. The problem is that Georgian authorities are changing the rules of the documents execution and its form almost every month and then they are forcing you to pay huge fines, if your documents weren’t reissued, and of course this is a paid service. Well, five years ago I faced the same problem, when my hotel in Batumi was confiscated on the same reason – "forged" documents. And now everything looks like that situation in Georgia haven’t changed at all or maybe become even worse – you open your hotel and everything looks fine, then you pay fines and lose your property. In the end your property will be resold to another unlucky businessman and the whole story will repeat itself. It’s some kind of a vicious circle!
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