Why Profits Don't Work, As In P-R-O-F-I-T-S

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    The national health insurance plans, replete with profit-making companies offering insurance meeting federal standards, are now a textbook example of why profit systems don't work.

    Suppose the Overseer of a post-Lincoln Administration plantation. There are freed slaves able to work, and landholders with acreage property. The Great Overseer gets land-loans for seed, equipment, housing amenites for the share-croppers, and agrees with the freed slaves for labor. Out of the harvest, the proceeds owed by freed slaves are deducted by the overseer. The landowner gets the rental income result--the profit. There is enought to even put to the exchanges. The freed-slave gets the "promise" of the profit-sharing, and essentially a bill for everything owed, year-after-year.

    The national health plan is similar. This time, the competing "plantations" are health plans. There is a federal standard of what is required. There are "overseer" administrators, running the plans. There are shares reliant on profits on the real "exchange" programs, called "Wall Street."

    Each Overseer knows what every other overseer knows about every plan. All the plan details and prices are in the bogus, "federal" exchange of health plans. Every Overseer knows its own costs. There is a basis price required in every plan--to pay the costs.

    And so there is "open competition," in some fairy tale of price regulation(?). Overseer in plan one sees some pretty little thing, and ups the price just a tad, (Lincoln called one of his kids, that, intentionally and explicitly noted). The other overseers all notice. It is really hard to miss! The shareholders and director boards all notice: Same basis. The suppliers of the "required" federal stuff all start to notice. Same Basis. The call-center operators all have to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and eventually drop off--even more operators--to pay increased--bills.

    Nobel Prizes are not required to understand what happens! This is not an efficient way to run a national program!

    In fact. . . .This has all happened before! Profit systems are inherently inefficient! In fact, they even fail!

    The National Health Plans become a fedeally-funded, profiteering scam!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Republicans do understand: That freedom itself, has a price!)
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