Why am I a libertarian?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by miami_thomas, Aug 24, 2012.

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    After seeing the “Why am I a liberal?” I thought I would introduce the opposing view. That is what we do here right? First when I was in college and shortly after college I was a liberal. I was a liberal because I did not know much about what a liberal was. As I grew up I started to look more closely to politics and started finding out things that would later help me to decide where I truly was. Then I began to get involved with Liberals and began to ask questions. They spoke of equality among everyone but when I would ask valid questions about how equality would work I would get just a puzzled look in return. Then I would hear about the evil rich controlling the country but when I would seek evidence of this I found none. Then I would hear how liberals are compassionate and helping the poor but when I had my own children and thought about how I was raised I realized that we were not helping but hurting the poor by taking away their incentive to make something for themselves. Further, we were destroying families through the welfare policies. Seeing no answers, I instead started to research the other side.

    I found one statement that changed me forever. I was trying to find out what was left and what was right. What was liberal and the republican side. Then I found an article discussing the break between the liberals that happened in the past. They all use to be one and they wanted freedom. But then there was a break with one side, liberal, believing the only way to true freedom was for the government to provide it. The other side, libertarian, believe the only way to true freedom was to have a limited government. When I thought about this to myself I couldn’t get around the thought that freedom would come from government providing it. I kept thinking that if the government is to provide something it first must control something. If it controls something, then that something is under control and therefore not free. It was a conundrum of how in the world do you have government control something to then make it free by giving it. It is impossible and once I realized this it opened my eyes to the world and I could for the first time see through all the holes in the liberal ideas.

    Every question that could not be answered then became answered. There was no way to make thing equal it is just an attempt to get government to control everything so that in their eyes the government can provide it to the citizens. There is no evil rich they just need their money to pay for all the things they want to control and need fewer wealthy to make the population easier to control. They don’t want the poor incentivized to get out of the poor neighborhoods they want to put more people into them so they can monopolize the citizens once enough citizens are totally dependent on the government for everything.

    I truly believe liberals believe in what they speak but never see the ends for what they really are. Even with the results on display around the world. Even with all the evidence around the world to prove where it ends and still want to believe the utopia is out there that will provide them with all their needs without required sacrifices to meet those needs will come one day. That true equality is possible and they can have the big house and nice car without paying for it. That they will have free food and free power no matter if they sit at home or work a simple job. Where those that did not sacrifice their youth to get the best education possible and are now working hard labor will get more money that those that sacrificed in their youth to get that education. Or that those that decided safe academia paths instead of risky financial paths would be rewarded the same as those that took the risky path. At the end it is people wanting something they think they deserve but did not earn for themselves.

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