where is our media ?

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    " viet-nam: the necessary war " by michael lind

    " hanoi reds fought eachother over south vietnamese homes and cars " p. 235

    " it was as if saigon was invaded by a swarm of locusts " - 235

    " reds from hanoi became more like the mafia - who emerged from the jungle - never before witnessed in south viet-nam " p. 235

    " sout viet-nam suffered from repression and forced re-location "

    " hanoi mass murders - like the u.s.s.r. and red china was genocide on basis of class rather than race " p. 136

    roumers presist that as our friends were being mudrered in south vietnam by hanoi reds - their children were being forced to make sex movies - none survived - but the tapes do= where is our useless media ?

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