What Republicans in Congress Must Do in 2013, Win or Lose

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    At a closed-door meeting last week attended by leaders of the conservative movement, discussions centered around development of a “no excuses” list of big-ticket legislative issues to be addressed in the 113th Congress.

    Win or lose, the consensus among both conservatives in Congress and leaders of the movement off Capitol Hill is that a list of high-priority issues needs to be adopted before Congress reconvenes in January that will dictate to Republican Leadership, party moderates—and especially the lobbying community—that excuses for avoiding those items will not be tolerated.

    Just what would be included and how the concept would be structured is under discussion and won’t be finalized until after the election. But hard-liners in Congress and an impressive array of leaders within the conservative movement are convinced that without such a list the 113th Congress could slip away, much like the 112th, with little good accomplished.

    Many promises have been made by Republicans during the campaign – both by Mitt Romney and congressional candidates – but conservatives are concerned that the “we can’t do that” attitude, so prevalent over the past two years, is being heard from both the House and Senate Leadership, from Republican centrists and the so-called establishment, and by lobbyists and inside Washington hands, and could result in those promises going the way of the wind, as they so often do. Conservatives have no illusions about the persuasive abilities of the GOP Congressional Leadership – specifically House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – who all will throw bones to the right wing of the Party while maintaining the inexcusable status quo.

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    “No Excuses”

    We expect the Romney Administration to work with a Republican Congress to achieve the following policy objectives in the 113th Congress.

    Repeal ObamaCare & Dodd-Frank
    Roll back job-killing regulations
    Pass a permanent earmark ban
    Balance the budget
    Cut spending to 2008(?) levels
    Block-grant Medicaid
    Enact Medicare premium support
    Reform the tax code by lowering rates, broadening the base, and closing special-interest loopholes
    Ensure no government monies fund abortion
    Replace defense sequester with cuts in non-defense spending

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    We spend nearly 50 cents of every dollar spent worldwide on defense.

    Spending more on Defense makes no sense.

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