What is SAEBAE?

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    Let's Learn Korean tradition Saebae!!

    In Korea, lunar Jan. 1st is the New Year's day.
    On New year's day,
    people dress in traditional Korean garments,
    Visit the elderly,
    And give them the first greetings of the year.
    Then the elderly
    Will pass down their wisdom
    And for minors,
    They give out traditional money bags!!!

    Lesson 1. How to SAEBAE!!!
    1. Hands together
    For men, left hand goes over the right
    For women, right had goes over the left
    and face the elderly, standing up

    2. With the hands folded together,
    Men bring them up to the eyesight,
    Women bring them up to the shoulderline
    And look at the top of your hands.

    3. For men, bring down your hands
    Bend your waist, and touch the floor.
    For women, bend your left knee first,
    then right knee as well then sit on your hip.

    4. For men, the entire forearm with the elbow must touch the floor
    Put down your forehead on top of your hads
    Don't lift your hips here! For women, bend your upper torso at about 45 degree angle,
    Stay there for a bit, then straighten up.

    5. For men, straighten up your right knee
    Push yourself up to stand
    For women, stand with your right knee first,
    Then your left knee comes up
    Next, bow slightly!

    Lesson 2. Let's try Saebae for real!!

    Visit an elderly Korean you know
    and try your new Saebae skills
    For example, friends' parents, teachers, our boss, etc.
    1. Saebae is appropriate from sunrise to sunset, on Jan 1st lunar.
    2. Don't do it on the streetside.
    3. Anyone over 20 shouldn't take the money

    Hope you to be Happy in New year!!!

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