Wall Street Lampoon! *Poverty Solved! Bonuses Now!"

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    So after two weeks of stock market indices rising, and at double-digit percentages, only the Reagan Trajectory Admiring, money hoarding victims of Madoff, the UnMasked Avenger: Are Left To Tear Up Their Tickets.

    What do we know, and when did we know it, no one asks--certainly not in the West Wing?

    "Blacks lose ground in job slump! Unemployment hits 10.5% in California, but for African Americans it's higher. Nationally the gap is Even Wider." (Los Angeles Times, front page banner line, March 21, 2009.)" But: "What Reagan-Trajectory admiring, U. S. national-election voter, would have expected that," you likely don't ask?!? The black unemployment rate was 12.5% in February, in California, and for whites, 7.8%. Hispanics were at 10.4%. Nationally, in February, the black unemployment rate was 13.4%.

    "The growing lyoffs among higher-paid Afican-Americans, and steep foreclosure rates in their neighborhoods, are dealing a crippling blow to the nation's black middle class, community leaders say."

    Or as millions would put, likely even in the office of Speaker of the House: "There's never a black commentator around when you need one. . . .if we're lucky!" Politicians are long famous for having a clever way with words. . . .and public policy. The commentators seem to be right when they point out that the West Wing is completely on board with the language and way with words: Public Imagery!

    Even as the revenge of the nappy headed ho'meowners, compounded with the Assault Of The UnMasked Avenger, continues to plague even the West Wing--the Mrs. even out tending to the spring planting--so anyone is reminded that under Reagan-Bush I: The money-hoarding millions actually managed to get black and hispanic youth unemployment into the double-digits, more at the 50% levels.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Business As Is Usual Returns, even after Her Majesty's PM's admonition to the aboriginie, formerly subject peoples.!)
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    Granny says, "How about a re-think on all Wall St. bonuses...
    NY: Wall Street 2010 Bonuses Estimated at $20.8B
    Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - New York Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says Wall Street bonuses remained relatively flat at $20.8 billion in 2010, the first full year after the national recession officially ended.

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