Voter Suppression and I.D.- Keep It Simple

Discussion in 'Politics' started by beretta304, Aug 30, 2012.

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    I posted this as a reply on another thread but perhaps someone wants to try and explain it.

    I see some that are so vehemently against it, crying racism and all sorts of B.S. Some justify being against it on the grounds that fraud is miniscule.

    The mechanics can be worked out by minds greater than mine but I'd like someone to explain how it suppresses the poor if it's in place for the next election cycle.

    If the issue is just this election then I agree. Too late and Romney will have to take his chances. The Republicans should have thought of it 4 years ago.

    Keep it simple.

    P.S. Let's assume the I.D. is provided to all at taxpayer's expense.
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