Very surprise “milk” prices up by Rs.10 per Ltr in Karachi

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    Very surprise “milk” prices up by Rs.10 per Ltr in Karachi
    I do not understand why MILK traders and retailers increased milk retail sale by Rs.10 in the mid of March 2011. The current prices is Rs.70 which means they increased price by 16%.

    Simply prices jump from Rs.60 to 70 per ltr but more interesting no Government authority to keep check and balance system if any traders increased prices as per desire for more profits earning than such traders or retailer should be fined and punished.

    How will the common and middle class people will survive when every type of traders want to increase prices on various reasons but net affect to Poor nation people but those who are rich never affected ever. They blessed by God a plenty of wealth and property but always remain hungry how to earn more and more.

    Perhaps they have resources to stay in this world for 100 years but own self do not know how long he will remain alive and when DEATH ANGLE will come to him.

    Please stop such evil and earn the amount which a traders deserve or have right. Try to keep away from abnormal income and BLACK MARKETING which is treated as HARRAM in the eyes of Islam.

    Check where all these BLACK SHEEP traders and retailers stand before blaming others check your self what you did for others in spite you got a opportunities and resources but awaiting for what you knows better.

    I request to all please do some welfare works so you remembered after your death that time you need support and help from your relative, WELL WISHERS and friends to send SADKA, offer dua but if you perform some good things than no worried even if no body remembered or prayed for you than other people (STRANGERS) will remembered and pray for you for noble cause ( social works ).

    Thanking You.

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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