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    This 'dystopia-dance' short-story I cooked up was inspired by the new space-odyssey conviction film Valerian which itself is adapted from a sci-fi comic franchise about an adventurous space-traveller named Valerian and his female partner engaged in various stellar ventures.

    While this 'fan-fic' deviates environmentally (and conceptually) from the film and the comic of the same title, it represents similar storytelling interests in pedestrian fantasy-indulgence concerns (e.g., delusions).

    There must be a way to coordinate modern traffic-related pedestrianism consciousness storytelling (e.g., Dredd) with 'everyman civics bravado' superstitions, a traffic-paranoia social 'inquiry' reflected thematically in justice-mannerism films such as Maniac Cop and Last Action Hero.


    Valerian was an Algerian-American living in NYC when he saw the Twin Towers come crashing down on 9/11. Valerian worked at a comic book store and had a great love affair with civics-vigilante characters/avatars such as Captain Marvel and Ant-Man. Valerian decided to create a new comic book superhero (named 'Valerian'!) who would literally tackle the 'horror' of modern age urbanization related anti-social sentiments. Valerian believed that if anti-Western sentiments created a backwards paranoia about the 'science' of urbanization, then terrorism would continue to flourish.

    Valerian made a studio in the den of his house where he started drawing and writing short-stories about his fictional superhero 'Valerian.' 'Valerian' was drawn rather simply and with a child-like doodle approach to comic-book art (not unlike stick-figure art) to achieve the effect of 'armchair warrior' daydream presentation). Valerian decided to give himself an 'eccentricity' authorship look, so he wrapped a scarf around his head and wore a brown blazer and held up his pencil in a symbolic pose, so he could post photos of himself next to his 'Valerian' comics and hence create an 'oracle-criticism' image.

    'Valerian' was to fly around modern American cities and defend them from the likes of terrorism-oriented anarchists from around the world. 'Valerian' would use telekinetic powers to tackle the pure horror of dangerous anti-urbanization sentiments. 'Valerian's' nemeses included Kingpin (a San Francisco druglord), Tooth-Fairy (a NYC cop-killer), Scarlett (a female eco-terrorist operating in D.C.), and the Black Mask Gang (a black market munitions group operating in LA and Miami). 'Valerian' was a champion of capitalism and democracy and despised any forces deterring 'normal' pedestrian evolution towards a perfect scientific 'economic homeostasis' (through the contact-exercise of mercantilism and free-trade!).

    'Valerian' comics became extremely popular as Internet posts, and Valerian was considered one of the best comic book fan-fic writers...ever. However, Valerian refused to write for any established publishing house or comic book company such as Marvel. Valerian's outfitted poses also earned him the reputation of being a 'pseudo-vigilante.' Valerian believed his superhero 'Valerian' was the perfect modernism avatar-symbol of urbanization-science defense and paralleled in scope and cleverness anything from science-fiction or fantasy (e.g., the Lone Ranger, Doctor Who, Van Helsing, Dark Phoenix, etc., etc.). However, Valerian was now being stalked by a fanatic 'fan' who was a delusional and hyper-critic about 'avid Internet idealism.' It was an eerie but great 'layman drama.'



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