USA troops are to begin serious withdrawal in 2014...

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    Afghan president Hamid Karzai has recently made quite a revelation when he declared in a TV interview that Afghanistan will side with its "brother Pakistan should a war with the U.S. break out".
    Mind this was said only days after Hillary Clinton visit to Kabul and Islamabad!! Our State Sec stressed American cooperation in helping to rid the region of terrorists. I guess the lady has an egg on her face now. You know I have never been under any illusion that the State Dep. staffers are all smart guys with a stroke of genius.
    That is the result of our antiterrorist mission in Afghanistan. So much time and money been wasted, so many young lives been lost there! And now I suspect we’ve got just one more foe who even doesn’t bother to hide his hatred! Congratulations folks!
    USA troops are to begin serious withdrawal in 2014. Now I strongly doubt it’s going to occur.

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