US-Russian strategic partnership

Discussion in 'Politics' started by raymond, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Today so much negativity towards Russia and I really can't understand it. The truth is that Russia matters a great deal to US, because US government is looking for defending and advancing America's national interests and without Russia it's impossible. No one denies that sometimes it's hard to make business with Moscow but realities require closer engaging and working with it. Russia's got great scientific potential and of course it's one of the world's biggest oil and gas producers not to speak of Moscow's investment into preventing of nuclear terrorism.
    And now imagine that USA and Russia will become closest partners ever. The economical and scientific potential of both countries is so great that it would make USA and Russia leaders on energy market, encourage scientific and technological development or maybe make two countries world's absolute leaders. Sound pretty good, don't you think? But today we see unfounded rivalry stirring up by American old school politicians like McCain who use negative image of Russia in their own inside games entirely unrelated to safeguarding of US national interests... Needless to say that it make no sense and creates additional strains in the world...

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