?Un-Official? Obama - McCain Comparisons In a Nut Shell

Discussion in 'Congress' started by CA95380, Aug 14, 2008.

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    1. John is old and that means he has lots of experience, you know like when old people tell you how it was before the Internet, cell phones, and TV. That's important to know in case sometime in the future there are no Internet, cell phones, or TV.

    2. Change! heck no, more of the same, all kinds of the same! The republicans keep trying so surely maybe the next thirty years will be better. Wars, massive deficits, Katrina, energy, healthcare, sagging wages, corporate corruption, see how minor these things are, it's not like anything important is in that list.

    3. He supports Reverend Hagee, I hate Catholics too (not really) and endtime being around the corner, WTF difference does it make! Once we bomb a few other countries and Israel bombs the rest, God is going to say, hey, time for endtime so I can reward all these bombers. You ever wonder what God thinks when one of her creatures gets blown to smithereens!

    4. He will visit the rest of the world once he is president. Cheap vacations are good things you know, and he can forget things like he did in Israel and mix things up like he does daily. It won't matter anyway cause he will be in some other part of the world. Plus with that temper do we really want him near that nuclear button!

    5. He voted against supporting the troops financially when he sided with Bush on cheap benefits, claims everyone should be able to marry a rich Beer heiress, he did. Plus he working on a new book, tentatively titled 'Ditch the old spouse and marry up the food chain made easy.'

    6. If Fox loves him and Rush and that buffoon Savage love him, what's not to love. Well I know they just started loving him. Even Ann Coulter who used to hate him now hates Obama more, that's an important qualification for voting in America: hate levels. 'Dislike, hate, really hate, and despise' are clear cut political reasons for voting for our guy.

    7. He is rich today, and isn't America about the rich, well today it is. He doesn't understand the economy, neither do I. The rich will love him more as he continues third world - the heck with the have-nots - policies. Poor people see number five.

    8. Finished at the bottom of his class and yet had the great military and political insight to think we would be greeted as liberators in Iraq and it would be just lovely and democracy would grow so quickly we would be done in 2003 or 2004 at the latest. What year is it by the way?

    9. People starve all the time, a few more in America won't matter, deficits eventually are fixed by democrats, so hell, just keep the 'trickle down' economics going John 'McSame" McCain, I love you too much. Actually it is the rich people who love you but hey WTF again. Can you say who needs infrastructure.

    10. You know John 'McSame' McCain is the man, last in his class just like Bush, how can we go wrong. Four more years of screw-ups, who in America won't feel all warm and fuzzy over that. And marrying money, ain't that about American as one can get! And working class people someday if you're lucky you too can be rich, I hear poor people win the lottery every day. Or see number five above for new get rich quick book.

    So folks I will be casting my ballot for John 'McSame' McCain in November and I hope you all will be too. 'More of the same,' 'more of the same,' shout it from your trailer park rental today. Wal-mart is now selling magnets with these words and John's face embossed on them, made in China and cheap too, beautify that castle of yours with several.

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