Turkey and the So-called Palestiniains

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    Turkey vociferously supports a PallyLand state, but, Turkey has enough skeletons in its closets to fill a mansion, from the denial of its complicity in the genocide of 1 million Armenians to a plethora of severe human rights abuses and criminal governmental activity, such as Turkey's 20-year illegal blockade of Armenia [Turks' clearly don't like Armenians] and Turkey's illegal occupation of Cyprus. Turkey has also aligned itself with other rogue states like Iran, Syria and even Sudan which is perpetrating the ongoing genocide of millions of men, women and children in Darfur and southern Sudan.

    The list of abuses by Turkey and their citizens, Turkeys, is too lengthy to list fully, however, why do Turkeys who post here about so-called Palestinians and about Israel not clean up their own country's black marks? Why does Turkey's head Turkey Erdogan not end his country's human rights violations and illegal blockades and occupations of others' countries instead of trying to deflect attention to the so-called Palestinians?

    Here, just a few blights against Turkey and Turkeys...

    US condemns Turkey for Turks' role in genocide of 1 million Armenians and Turkey's denial of the Armenian holocaust
    Over Turkish protests, House panel calls killing of Armenians 'genocide'

    Turkey's Illegal Blockade of Armenia
    Congressman Adam Schiff : 2008 : Schiff Introduces Bill Urging End to Turkish Blockade of Armenia

    US criticizes 'human rights violations' in Turkey
    Human Rights Watch: Turkey does not protect rights of Kurds and women and places restrictions on internet
    Turkey: Make Rights Reform a Priority | Human Rights Watch

    Journalists detained in Turkey Without Due Process
    Journalists held without due process in Turkey - Committee to Protect Journalists

    Turkey's Occupation of Cyprus
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uvGnmpgzfg]The Turkish Invasion of Cyprus - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcRTbALahIU]George Eugeniou denounces Turkey's occupation of Cyprus - YouTube[/ame]
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