Trump Second in Republican Race, WSJ Poll - rofl

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    Damn, this is awesome!

    Romney Leads GOP Field as Trump Shows Strength -

    Palin is at 10%.

    More from the poll.

    Country on right track / wrong track 28/63

    Approve/Disapprove of the job Obama is doing 49/45
    Approve/Disapprove of the job Congress is doing 20/73

    Positive/negative feelings for: Obama 50/36
    Democrats 36/39
    Republicans 31/44
    Tea Party 29/44
    Hillary Clinton 56/22
    Gingrich 24/37
    Palin 25/53

    Obama v Generic Republican candidate in Presidential election 43/38

    Budget freeze on federal spending 58/37

    Have reservations / be uncomfortable voting for a Mormon 47
    An evangelical Christian 47
    A leader of the Tea Party 61
    A Fox News commentator 68
    A woman 13%
    A black person 13%

    If there is a shutdown of Congress, who do you blame?
    Obama / Democrats in Congress 40
    Republicans 37

    Do you favor/oppose a balanced budget amendment 51/28
    If it requires a 20% cut in Medicare/Medicaid/veteran’s benefits 27/69

    Favor/oppose raising the federal debt ceiling 32/62
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