Top 100 Corporate Crime Stories of 2011

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    Here's the other difference between the one percent and the rest of us -

    The crimes of the one percent inflict far more
    damage on society than those of the 99 percent.

    And they tend to get away with their crimes.

    While we tend to get nailed.

    The big multinational corporations, which are the primary delivery systems of wealth to the 99 percent, have rigged the justice system so that when they get in trouble with the law, they either aren't prosecuted for their crimes, of if they are, they get special treatment - non prosecution or deferred prosecution agreements.

    If they end up in the civil courts, they also get special deals - like neither admit nor deny consent decrees.

    True, they pay fines, often in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, but this is pocket change to them - the equivalent of a parking ticket for serious wrongdoing.

    They marinate the halls of power with campaign cash, flood them with lobbyists, and lubricate the revolving door - all to undermine our system of justice.

    Out of the more than 500 stories we've written for Corporate Crime Reporter this year, here are the Top 100 - selected by our crack editorial team.

    Just scan the the headlines, and you'll get a sense of the enormity of the corporate crime wave.

    And remember - Corporate Crime Reporter is only a weekly newsletter. We publish 48 times a year.

    We're considering making it a daily - just to keep up.

    Top 100 Corporate Crime Stories of 2011

    100. SEC Delivers First Non Pros Baby
    99. Simon Johnson: Break Up the Big Banks
    98. Grassley Asks: Why are Health Care Fraud Cases Stagnating?
    97. Guidant to Pay $296 Million for FDA Crimes
    96. Former Chase Bank Official Convicted of Taking Bribes
    95. Oregon Sues Johnson & Johnson for Phatom Recall of Motrin
    94. Grain Elevator Deaths Due to Lax OSHA Enforcement
    93. Insider Trading Defendants Avoid Jail in 44 Percent of Cases
    92. Lockheed to Pay $2 Million to Resolve False Claims Charge
    91. Grossman Drafts Legislation to Criminalize the Corporate Form

    90. Pentagon Spent Billions on Companies that Committed Fraud
    89. Legal Challenge to Blanket Immunity in BAE Settlement
    88. Maxwell Gets FCPA Prosecution Deferred, Pays $8 Million Criminal Fine
    87. Nader Calls Jeep Grand Cherokee Modern Day Pinto for Soccer Moms
    86. Oracle to Pay $46 Million To Settle False Claims Charge
    85. Coalition: Negligent Doctors and Big Pharma Should Not Be Shielded
    84. Chevron Found Guilty in Ecuador, Fined $9 Billion
    83. Tyson Foods Gets Prosecution Deferred, Pays $4 Million FCPA Fine
    82. Rolling Stone: Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?
    81. Criminal Investigation Against Mozilo Closed

    80. Horizon Lines to Plead Guilty, Pay $45 Million Criminal Fine
    79. Walmart State and Local Tax Avoidance Exceeds $400 Million Annually
    78. Wheelchair Fraud Results in $6 Million Fine
    77. Feds Intervene in False Claims Case against KBR
    76. Jack Abramoff, Whipping Boy
    75. HHS Fines Cignet Health $4.3 Million
    74. Arch Coal to Pay $4 Million
    73. Forest Pharma Hit with $145 in Criminal Penalties
    72. Goldman Sachs Board Member Charged with Insider Trading
    71. CSPI Urges Feds to Ban Caramel Color from Sodas

    70. Avaya and CIT Group Pay over $16.5 Million To Settle False Claims Case
    69. Two NY York Lawmakers, Albany Lobbyist, Hospital CEOs Busted in Corruption Probe
    68. USA Today: Fines Not Being Collected
    67. The Dark Side of the Cruise Ship Industry and the Silence of The Nation Magazine
    66. Audit Firms: Too Few to Fail?
    65. Astrazeneca to Pay $68.5 to Settle Anti-Psychotic Drug Case
    64. Japan Nuclear Reactor Design Caused GE Scientist to Quit in Protest
    63. Chamber Hires Mukasey to Weaken FCPA
    62. Consol to Pay $5.5 Pollution Fine
    61. French Judge Charges Airbus with Manslaughter

    60. Heart Association Endorses Stomach Surgery after $100K Gift from Lap-Band Maker
    59. IBM to Pay $10 Million to Settle FCPA Action
    58. Samsung SDI to Pay $32 Million Criminal Fine
    57. PG&E to Pay $6 Million Criminal Fine
    56. Occidental Oil to Pay $2 Million in False Claims Case
    55. HHS Launches Health Care Fraud Fugitive List
    54. How Milton Friedman and Chicago Economics Undermined America
    53. Rakoff Rips Neither Admit Nor Deny SEC Settlements
    52. Insider Trading Scandal Hits Congress
    51. Antitrust Institute: T Mobile/AT&T Merger Anti-Competitive

    50. Cell Phones, Brain Cancer and Devra Davis
    49. JGC Gets FCPA Prosecution Deferred, Will Pay $218.8 Million Criminal Penalty
    48. Verizon Pays $93.5 Million To Resolve False Claim Charge
    47. Comverse Technology Gets Non Prosecution FCPA Agreement
    46. Johnson & Johnson Gets FCPA Prosecution Deferred, to Pay $21.4 Million Criminal Penalty
    45. Spitzer Calls on Holder to Prosecute Goldman Sachs or Resign
    44. Stokes Sours on Obama's Antitrust Effort
    43. Honeywell Pleads Guilty, to Pay $11.8 Million
    42. NPR, Electric Trolleys and Corporate Crime
    41. Warren: Banks Want to Knife Consumer Bureau in the Ribs

    40. DynCorp to Pay $8.7 Million to Settle False Claims Charge

    read more Top 100 Corporate Crime Stories of 2011 -- Puppet Masters --
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    The US is such an unfriendly place for business it's surprising that there are ANY. Hopefully the tsunami of offshoring will increase.
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    In a galaxy far far away...
    If it pisses off the 99% folks it's got to be a good thing.
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    We have got to get the money out of the lobbyists.
    Congress is representing these groups, instead of the people.
    This is causing a lot of the corruption in Washington D.C.

    Lobbying Database | OpenSecrets

    Click on the top lobbying firms, then click on first one Patton Boggs LLP.
    It just boggles your mind.
    This stuff has to be stopped.
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    It will be MUCH better when there are no more companies left to hire lobbiests to do anything.

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