Things Haven't Been This Good For Obama: Since Bush Made One Of His Speeches!

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    GOP Nominee Apparent, Governor Romney, actually trails way behind Newt Gingrich and Bush II, Terms I & II, in the race for off-hand insulting remarks, and even worse policy directives. Gingrich finally just unloaded on the entire campaign as proof that none of them were honest!

    President Barck Obama now has the cat(?)-bird seat all to. . .himself(?). Others mostly probably guessed that, or assumed that(?)!

    First Read - First Thoughts: 'I deserve a second term'

    As opposed to the predecessor, there is actually progress being made in the United States: Subsequent the predatory predecessor himself. As opposed to the front-runner at GOP, The President has not suggested a great fondness for firing everybody, paying zero attention to the poor. He's probably not on a first name basis with Donald Trump, or the Birthers. Even little kids know enough to not leave for school without their rubbers. He even has an approval rating starting to breach 50% to the upside.

    Here is a guy who sings and dances! Mostly Mrs. Obama mainly became enthused at the "Chant And Be Happy," Chorus from Mitt Romney. "Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna! Romney! Romney! Hare for America(?). . . .The Beautiful(?)!"

    "Cult" was somehow written all over the chant!

    The same message might have been communicated with, "Me! And. . . My. . .Shadow!" So Romney wants to show he cares deeply, even about Mormons in America(?)! Both Mitt and Michelle know a thing or two about the appeal an appeal to white people!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Fourth Runner even not giving up. . .after gaming mentality effort! See Maybe Vice President nominee. . .out of Nevada(?). . .Land of Our New Evangelicals(?)!)

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