The UK's Met Office Blows Another Prediction-Badly

Discussion in 'Environment' started by westwall, Nov 30, 2010.

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    olfraud loves to point out that the Met Office says the world is getting hotter whenever they post some stupid (and yes I do mean stupid) prediction. Fortunately here in the modern era we can look back and see how accurate they were. Aaaaaaaaaand the results are not good! They predicted another mild winter and as we have been watching on the news the winter season started with the worst blanketing of snow in 17 years....and that includes the worst winter last year to have occured in decades.

    The Met sold its soul to the political hacks of the alarmist movement and sacraficed whatever credibility they once had. It is a sad end of a once great organization.

    They have since anounced they are no longer going to issue long term forecasts....

    The UK Met Office “Winter Forecast” – fail or faux? | Watts Up With That?

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