The open letter to the President Yushchenko II

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    I sincerely believe that I will be heard! I will imitate the hero of «Runaway from Shoushenk» by S.King and if it is necessary I will write one thousand references to the President. You are my only hope.

    Dear Victor Andreevich,

    Once upon a time the law ruled in the country. But now it is gone. I beg you, Mr. President, beg as the only man in the country who really able to protect the law and human rights. Please, find the time in your dense schedule and go into the heart of the problem.

    It happened that our country was occupied by tax militia. I am not mistaken, exactly OCCUPIED. Once during the Second World War fascists entered the village where my grandmother was living. They have turned her with the babe in arms out of the house to the shed in order to stay there. Today happens something similar.

    There was a man. Once he decided to build business. He started from the enterprise registration, than neither good nor bad tried to establish good relations in the business environment, but nothing came out of it. One morning he was detained by the staff of tax militia of Kirovograd city on suspicion of (please, read it through carefully ) creation the enterprise with the view to cover up illegal activities. But he hasn't made any payments, hasn't signed any invoices. What activities do we discuss?! And the man is still being imprisoned in the detention centre! Who knows what detention centre is will understand. The court keeping up the investigation chooses sentence under arrest as a measure of restriction. It is like a mafia! But recently I've understood what for all this. It happened that the man has pretty good car. Despite the fact that the car was also arrested during detention of the person, it was observed near one of the city saunas. It looks like while you are in prison we'll go for a drive! I've talked to militiamen, it appears that it is a normal practice when investigators drive arrested cars manipulating the law. The top of cynicism of the story is that the person is forced to slander himself and to admit the commission of the crime which fact is absent initially. Is the car a price of freedom of the citizen of Ukraine? Mr. President, tomorrow will be exectly like this, because the story described above doesn't move nobody from simple people. They tell me, ''They are cops, nothing happens to them''. Think over, Victor Andreevich, the cop's lawlessness and impunity become norm of a life.

    Yours faithfully,
    the Citizen of Ukraine

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