The Net Effect of Global Banker Control and the Future US led 'Conflict' Against Them

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    No, the drones won't come-out to take down 'respectable' bankers in suits and ties. But a different type of conflict will emerge, if it hasn't already, against international shadowy-bankers and co. As absurd as this sounds the probabilities of this occurring later on are quite high, although the probabilities of any of us (the general population) knowing that this is conflict is occurring will be slim. Gate-keepers like the media won't focus on such a conflict because it won't be perceived by the general public as a real conflict. That involves guns etc, doesn't it!?

    I use the term 'banker' loosely to mean all those powerful corporate and banking executives and co. that want to control the world, the people in it and the world's economies, by for example irresponsibly and deliberately issuing more and more debt to pay for existing and future debt (and knowing: 1.that this model will not work, 2. this will further burden the middle classes which would mean that the international bankers will to some extent be able to control them especially at a crucial time). This does NOT include the majority of hard working banking executives around the world, that are not involved and are unaware of such a conflict. Now if you can control the world's economy with issuing more perpetual and unpayable debt, you can control geopolitics in the future as well. Why stop there? There are the seas, the skies and electromagnetic world too. A joke? NO! And the US led fight-back will, and I think has for some time, seen certain higher-order banking related events on the macro level, as a serious long-term threat to stability in the geo-political, economic etc world, and the US's long term interests.

    Conflicts, other than battles we see on CNN, are fought every day on the international markets, but are more stealth in nature. Some, like the take-down of a currency, are more aggressive than others, like pegging your own currency to the USD, for example, to protect your domestic and international economic agendas, while slowly jeopardizing someone else's. This is nothing new. What will be, will be the US's interest to get back into the game of overseeing and controlling to some extent the direction of the US's economy and global interests (geopolitical etc) relative to the rest.

    If the international 'banking' conglomerates were left to do as they please, then we will end up having a very different world altogether, and quickly too. Not only will they fund all types of governments/countries at all levels and make multiples of more money in the process, the international banker conglomerates would have financed sets of long-term (irreversible) problems for the world. Financing hostile governments with nasty agenda, for one. Without the US-led watchdog service, we would be living in a far more dangerous world. All those conspiracy theories about major wars between, for example, Iran vs Israel/US etc would perhaps become real. And guess who'd be there to finance both sides or nearly all sides? The international banking cartels and all of their supporters/sponsors/backers.

    Another problem for the US will be those global bankers and co are well networked with resources, capital (of course) and people of all sorts and in different fields/vocations etc. Unfortunately, some of the interest to transfer power from the United States (military, CIA, NSA etc etc) and transferring it to shadowy international banking groups and their sponsors, is clearly coming form within the US.

    There will continue to be a latent and an ongoing conflict at different levels between the US led defense against international banking cartels and their supporters. The net effect, at different periods/times in the future (and it won't be the same) will be the world you and I are living in and have been living in, even if the gatekeepers of the world prevent us from seeing it for ourselves.
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