The Hippies, Civil Rights Activists and 60's Have Been Reincarnated as OWS

Discussion in 'Politics' started by IndependntLogic, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Some people would say the 60's was the beginning of the decline of America. Those who this would be 100% Conservatives. (although not all Conservs agree). Liberals loved the 60's. Why? Some Conservs would say it was only for the neagtive aspects: Drugs, domestic terrorists etc... This is false.

    Most Liberals love th 60's because it was the first decade in which Americans stood up as a country, against the status quo. They challenged authority.
    Viet Nam wasn't okay simply because the government said so.
    Segregation, racial discrimination and abuse wasn't okay anymore.
    Women dared to work and declare they could live a productive life without having to depend on a man for their identity or livelihood.

    Conservatives - both Dem and Repub - declared all these things would result in the downfall of America. They claimed that everyone holding these views were a bunch of unbathed, jobless, worthless hippies and neggers. Sure looked that way from the photos, didnt it? The attorneys, doctors, business owners and regular people behind these sentiments weren't photographed. Not as interesting.

    Well, for the last 30 years, the voices of We The People have grown smaller and smaller in our government, our elections, our policies etc... The Rich are richer and more protected than ever. The poor are more numerous and less protected than ever. The Voice of the 1% is stronger than that of the 99%.
    Concurrently, the voices of Big Business (What Romney calls "People"), the Military Industrial Complex, Corrupt foreign governments and domestic Lobbyists has replaced the voice of We The People.

    So OWS, who considers themselves "We The People" want the voice that has been slowly taken away from them, given back to the citizenry.
    And just like the 60's, it is the Conservatives who hate this idea and those promoting it, with a passion. They label them all as worthless, jobless, unintelligent, lazy and so on. They ignore business owners (like my neighbor and now ME!) who find legitimacy in this movement.

    I don't know about the other so-called demands (that list that includes a $20 min wage is a hoax btw) but I can get behind the idea of taking the influence of Big Corps & Lobbyists out of our political system.

    Usual predictions about what will follow in this thread...

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