The Dem's Perfect Storm

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    We all know why the left is pushing so hard for this and it has NOTHING to do with providing medical insurance 'for the poor'.

    If the republican party had ever enjoyed the kind of over-arching power that the dems now wield, these problems would have probably been solved already. But...without a 60 vote majority in the Senate, the Presidency and control of the House (all at the same time) by the republicans, the dems have been able to see to it that any meaningful reform has been "dead on arrival".
    It's a complete waste of time to even craft any legislation to address these problems knowing that it faces a fillibuster by the dems so that they can keep the misery and discontent flowing among the people until they cry out for relief. And then "presto", the dems 'ride to the rescue' with Nationalized Health Care to "solve" a problem that THEY largely created.

    We all know that this abomination these socialists have cooked up is only going to create MORE problems and more misery-which in turn will create another 'cry' for help-which brings MORE socialist solutions- which creates more misery.....and so on....and so on....

    Make no mistake...the dems are going to get this legislation through in one form or another. They've been waiting for this "perfect storm" to materialize for decades upon decades and they're going to take advantage of it no matter what the cost.

    It doesn't matter if the Blue Dogs lose in 2010. It will already be too late. They will have won because, once in place, you will NEVER get rid of it! And the dems know it!

    Barring some miracle of divine intervention, the America you thought you inherited from your fathers is dead. All that remains is to burn the corpse and scatter the ashes to the four winds.

    The dems will go to work on that next.

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