The Cross-Over GOP Socialist Intervention(?)

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    So at last it can be told(?)! In America, the rich get richer, and the poor can't afford the mortgages(?)! That is the Obama Administration, federal stimulus, at work.

    Again, the Obama Administration(?) sends money to the rich--generally employed in government, "educational," or "labora-tory" environments--and in the Obama Administration, the poor default on the mortgages and spend like (1) sailors, and (2) Ivy League educated, Jewish lawyers: And Mrs Obama(?)!

    The diversity of it all, strikes anyone. . . .in the. . . .well. . . .somehow!

    Consumer spending trend is a shaky foundation for economic recovery -

    Apparently, the high-end boutiques have noticed the recovery, even as Hollywood was somehow, coincidentally, raking in a record box-office year. Everyone else just got low-end paying jobs, or just chucked the whole think in completely.

    Apparently, there are some who find this all apalling.

    Mostly, however, this is a liberal Democratic, Ivy-League Plagued, Administration. Making the case for a socialist intervention, in an Obama Administration: Is apparently more the versace kind of thing, that anyone has to do!

    The emblem across the Aircraft Carrier at sea, now reads" "Change You Can Believe In!(?)"

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (In The Colonies, The Journey Of A Thousand Miles, really doesn't begin in the office high above Harlem, after all The more realistic assessment is that really, it starts high above Fifth Avenue: In the more upscale, financial capital boroughs(?). Alas, The Revolution is not here, yet again!)
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