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    See my "Economic Meltdown 2010" Topic here with Gerald Celente Video information. The markets were wired for implosion on September 18, 2008 (story) and the markets collapsed in March of 2009 (chart). The current fake recovery is financed by your children and grandchildren through all of the Stimulus/Bailout Trickery going on with the Banksters and the Obama Fascist Regime running the White House. However, rather than melting 'down,' the false flag recovery is actually causing the markets to 'Melt Up.'

    [ame=""]Melt Up[/ame]

    If anybody has doubt that the markets will "Melt Up," the do your own simple test by comparing the S&P to the price of gold:

    10 Year Gold Chart

    10 Year S&P Chart

    S&P Versus Gold Chart

    In 2000 the S&P stocks valued about 1500 dollars and gold was around 300 dollars, which means five (5) ounces of gold bought the entire S&P Index Stocks. Right now the S&P is valued at about 1120 dollars ( and gold is selling at 1226 dollars ( In other words, you can buy all the stocks on the S&P for 'less' then one (1) ounce of gold!

    Somebody tell me what happens when the S&P goes to 500 dollars and the price of gold goes to 5000 dollars per ounce! The S&P must go to 5000 at that point to just stay even with gold and that is NOT going to happen. Do the math and get out of stocks and fiat currencies that are 'all' decreasing in value together in relation to the price of gold. Website


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