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Discussion in 'Donald Trump' started by Astrostar, Mar 5, 2018.

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    We Democrats owe a big THANK YOU!!! and a debt of gratitude to Trump and the Republicans for taking ownership forever of two of the biggest conservative ideologies, the national debt and national security.

    With their massive tax giveaway for the nation's wealthy, including Trump, they have claimed ownership of the massive national debt and promise to nurture and sustain it as long as they can. No longer can they blame the debt on Clinton, Bush or Obama, despite their best efforts to do so. Its their baby, lock, stock and barrel; and, that barrel is gonna get bigger and bigger.

    With their silence and acquiescence on Trump's daughter and son in law serving as senior advisers, with access to the nation's most closely guarded secrets, WITHOUT the proper security clearances, Republicans are complicit and fully demonstrate their disregard for our national security. They don't seem to care that Jared is the manipulation target of several foreign nations. Think of the blackmail potential! So thanks again Republicans. Future Democrat Presidents will not have to worry about stocking the White House with family.

    Just think, what if these issues belonged to President Hillary and/or President Obama? Could you imagine the angst, hair pulling and outcry that would issue forth from each and every Republican in congress? They would be so upset, they would be jumping off of bridges. The noise of protest would be deafening.

    So, thanks again Trump and your Republican sycophants. You have done Democrats a tremendous favor, and we owe you!
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    Did you know that in 1776 the US citizens went to war with their government because they were taxed about 3% of their income? Are you that stupid to not know that more wasted money goes to the war on poverty than.....Want to balance the budget and lower the debt, stop the war on poverty, take the 1 trillion dollars and put it to the debt and after 21 years, we are in the red, more people can keep more of their money, and those worthless liberal welfare queens can get a job in Obama's roaring economic recovery and Trump inherited...

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