Taxing debate

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    First Read - First Thoughts: Taxing debate

    From NBC's Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Domenico Montanaro, Ali Weinberg
    *** Taxing debate:

    President Obama is back from his overseas trip, Congress has returned to Washington after the Democrats’ midterm “shellacking,” and the battle over the Bush tax cuts is now about to begin.uhm where have they been? Speaking to reporters on Air Force One yesterday, Obama maintained his desire to keep the tax cuts for the middle class. But he didn't close the door on temporarily extending the tax cuts for the wealthy. "Now, I know this is something that, during the campaign at least, the Republicans expressed some strong feelings about,” he said. “I want to hear from them how strongly they feel about it, particularly given that they’re also saying they want to control the deficit and debt. And if they feel very strongly about it, then I want to get a sense of how they intend to spend -- how they intend to pay for it."Is he saying that he is going to pass the buck? White House senior adviser David Axelrod didn’t shut the door, either. “The American people expect to get this done, and we, we are, we are eager to sit down and talk about how to move forward,” he said on “Meet the Press” yesterday. Damn, they even quoted him choking on the words! The very idea that now they will actually have to compramise made him choke on his own words.

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