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    In Liberal minds, rent free.
    The only thing I love more than watching people eat organic food is watching them pay more for it. Stupidity SHOULD cost more.

    1. There are two types of things in this world: organic and in-organic. You cannot eat anything that's in-organic. Well, in some cases you can, like you could eat marbles, but you cannot digest them and get nutrients from them. If you can eat it, it's organic. The Big Mac I had yesterday is organic.

    2. There are some people who have a couple of working brain cells and use the full name of "organically grown". Even this, as we shall see, is just a fad designed to relieve you of your hard-earned pay.

    According to the EPA, "organically grown" means no artificial pesticides or fertilizers. It is not pesticide free, nor is it hormone free.

    Hormones fed to animals has to survive the stomach acids and a length of time in the tissues of the animal if it does. IF there is still hormone left over after the animal's tissues use what they can, then it has to survive the processing of the meat, the cooking of the meat by the consumer, and again the stomach and digestive tract of the person eating it.

    Hormones injected into the animal only has to survive not being utilized by the animal's tissues, but it has to surivive the rest of the journey to your tissues. Not a likely scenario. Remember this, cows have hormones that their body produces such as hormones that produce lactation, bulls have testosterone, etc. So your organic meat isn't hormone free either.

    You're welcome.

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