Supreme Court: debate over same-sex marriage.

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    That sound in the distance at the Supreme Court these days is the debate over same-sex marriage.
    Sidebar - Before Same-Sex Marriage Fight, Clashes on Free Speech -

    Using the First Amendment as a weapon.
    Another proxy battle in the culture wars will arrive this month. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in Doe v. Reed, No. 09-559.

    Here is what is in the news today...

    the opponents of gay marriage and those who want names on public petitions kept from the public...
    a brief said the above? and some conservatives accuse liberals of using language that is over the top?

    the gay marriage proponents and those who want public documents to be public...

    a creepy aside by a conservative Justice that should bother all sides of a Free Speech debate...
    My issue is with Justice Kennedy's statements. Laws requiring disclosure have been used by conservatives, moderates and liberals, libertarians, and others to put a spotlight on issues and people. If Kennedy's thoughts are law, I can see people demanding names of registered sex offenders, police logs, and more being denied access to or publication of the public documents that contain these things.

    I can't wait to hear the arguments on all sides.

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