SubZero/Scorpion: MKX [Tourney Diaries]

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    The Mortal Kombat video-game franchise has become globally recognizable and the premier combat video-game, overpowering the likes of Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, and even Tekken. Maybe that's because Mortal Kombat offers the most intricate/storied warrior-avatars and the richest set-designs and of course the most graphic fighting!

    Now, the release of the new game Mortal Kombat X [MKX} has everyone saying things like, "Mortal Kombat is to video-games what Bruce Lee was to martial-arts cinema." MKX not only offers the same kind of storytelling and combat that has made the franchise so iconic, but it also presents secret new cross-genre avatars including Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, and the Xenomorph as warriors for combat.

    The two 'standard' Mortal Kombat franchise warrior-avatars, Sub-Zero (a ninja who can throw ice) and Scorpion (a ninja who throws a rope-spear weapon), represent all the feathers and fury of the combat-game.

    We could therefore appreciate MKX tournaments (online and in arenas/venues) as great scenes in which to appreciate this iconic SubZero-Scorpion 'rivalry.'


    Here's a photo of a SubZero-Scorpion combat-film being presented at a MK tournament in Montreal (Canada). As you can see, this rivalry doesn't get old and has become 'famous' among all MK and MKX fans.


    These days, everyone has a chance to get into video-games. If you walk into a major consumer-electronics store in America (e.g., Best Buy), you can easily find floor-demos of video-games (including MKX) for consumers to sample. Kids have video-games at home and let their parents/grandparents play to feel 'up-to-date' with the modern world. Tell your grand-dad about this SubZero-Scorpion rivalry!


    The new genre in combat, be it in comic books, cartoons, toy-designs, movies, and of course, video-games is the diversification of avatars/characters. We find all kinds of intriguing and expressive 'avatars' these days such as Cyclonus (fictional wolfish first-knight robot of the evil Decepticon-robot army from the A.I. fantasy-adventure franchise Transformers) and Kitana (fan-blade wielding warrior-princess from the Mortal Kombat franchise). It's the pairing of such avatars that makes neo-combat so fun, and MKX offers many options for players to create new and intriguing forms of 'graphic fighting.'


    A MKX tournament might draw in unexpected fans/players to the competition as competitors or spectators. You might discover that a celebrity-son such as Chet Hanks (son of Tom Hanks) or a foreign prince such as Mohammad bin Salman (current Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) may be interested in a modern MKX tournament. It's always interesting to see who's who and who's participating in a MKX tourney.


    The actual competitors in a sample MKX tourney may come from all walks of life. Dominique "Sonic Fox" McLean's Erron Black avatar prevailed over the favorite Malik "MIT" Terry who was using Scorpion in the April 2015 Grand Final match of the MKX ESL Fatal 8 Tournament. It's all up for grabs at any given MKX tourney, so you can expect a good deal of eccentrics to show up, my friends.


    This tourney stuff for video-games generates a surprising treasure-trove of endorsements and ads which is good for consumerism and good for the video-game industry, since it draws a lot of media attention to this emerged 'consumer-empire.' I wonder if President Trump likes video-games.


    You might catch a MKX tourney on TV, since many video-game tournaments are aired on cable-networks, so ask your provider for details/info. You can also at any time log online to play a real-time amateur/casual MKX tourney with other players/fans playing MKX online.


    In my opinion, the SubZero-Scorpion rivalry is the best avatar-model for the highlighting of this exciting combat video-game franchise we call Mortal Kombat. Sub-Zero and Scorpion are both ninjas so they're considered as 'intersecting-avatars' and they're fun to pair. Sub-Zero throws ice and paralyzes you, while Scorpion throws his iconic rope-spear to pierce you and pull you towards him like a defenseless lamb. They're perfect opposites! Find a cool MKX tourney and look out for a SubZero-Scorpion match, and post an exciting confrontation on this thread if you like! Even if it's one you enjoyed while playing at home online...


    TRUMP: I love Mortal Kombat!
    CARTER: The franchise has usurped all other combat video-game franchises.


    {SubZero & Scorpion}


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