Stingray Cell Simulator must have a warrant.

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    A man who committed at least two armed robberies and sexual assaults is going free. The reason? The DC police used a Stingray Cell Tower Simulator to find the Baddie. As is far too common the Police decided they didn’t need a stinking warrant.

    So a bad guy goes free.

    Police use of ‘StingRay’ cellphone tracker requires search warrant, appeals court rules

    All the evidence was thrown out and the conviction overturned. And there was a lot of evidence. The problem was all of it was discovered because of the Stingray. If that search was unconstitutional then every subsequent piece of evidence was fruit of the poison tree.

    This is a great day for people who love the Constitution and a dark day for police. The police just hate to do things right. They hate to follow the rules.

    Just because your heroes on TV don’t have to get a warrant doesn’t mean you don’t need one Barney.
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