State Rep Mecklenborg likely arrested with a stripper

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    Wow....... just, wow. :eusa_hand:

    As Modern pointed out earlier this evening, we discovered today that Republican State Representative Robert Mecklenborg was arrested half drunk, with Viagra in his system, back in April.


    According to the arrest records, Mecklenborg was pulled over near the Burger King at the corner of Lorey Lane and US 50 in Lawrenceburg Indiana. Records indicate that a woman named Tiona Roberts was in the car when he was pulled over.
    According to Google Maps, there are only two points of interest – besides the Burger King, of course – on Route 50 in this area. One is the Hollywood casino and the other is the Concepts Show Girls strip club, which is less than a two minute drive from where Mecklenborg was pulled over.
    I haven’t been there, but Yelp’s trusted reviewers tell me that Concepts is THE place to stop if you “need a quick bit of action before or after” visiting the casino. “You won’t be disapppointed (sic).”

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