Sotomayor may be to Obama what Justice Sueter was to GHW Bush

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    Sotomayor is a Roman Catholic, and her judicial record is encouraging to those on the “Right to Life” side of the abortion issue. There is a glimmer of hope among Republicans that she may be to Obama what Justice Sueter ended up being to George H.W. Bush; a surprise. There would be a delicious irony in her nomination if she were to be more conservative on the abortion issue than those on the left would want appointed to the Supreme Court; that is if she actually gets there.

    That and the poll consciousness of the Obama Adminstration may cause some change of direction in this appointment; or the Senate will save Obama from himself.

    Poll: Public would reverse Sotomayor ruling - The Oval: Tracking the Obama presidency

    A new Quinnipiac Poll shows a wide majority of Americans dissenting from one of her most talked-about decisions by 3-to-1

    "Of more than 3,000 people surveyed, 71% said they disagreed with Sotomayor's vote in favor of tossing out the results of a New Haven, Conn., firefighter-promotion test because no blacks or Hispanics qualified.

    People responding to the Quinnipiac Poll favored abolishing affirmative-action programs for racial minorities, 55-36%. Results varied by race. Voters in every racial and religious group opposed giving some racial groups preferences for private sector jobs, Quinnipiac found. Blacks, however, continue to favor affirmative action for government jobs, 49%-45%, while Hispanics are opposed, 58%-38%."

    This nomination may not be the "master stroke" by President Obama that some of us on the right and the left may have thought it to be.
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