SHOCKING NEWS!! Christianity Is A Career Choice Not A Calling.

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    The funniest thing is that people actually go there for an education. I wonder how many of thousands of dollars it cost to learn that the earth is only 6,000 years old and that man and dinosaur ruled the earth....TOGETHER.:eusa_doh:

    People who wear badges have masks that came with their costumes.

    God is a personal matter, not to be used to exploit people with. Telling people you're going to die if you don't raise $8 million dollars today SHOULD get you put in a mental hospital for some serious evaluation time. But I'd say expecting a little common sense from the American public is really asking too much. Hell, the President claims to have one of those weird relationships with god that only the chosen few should be so blessed to have.

    And the public swallowed that one too.

    How dare Americans say we can bring freedom to countries controlled by religion when we ourselves are about a century away from being even close to suggest such?

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