Ron Paul & his global support network, AWESOME!

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    Europeans for Ron Paul

    Australians For Ron Paul

    Australian Tea Party is becoming a fan of Ron Paul

    Even China & some of the OWS movement is courting Ron...

    [ame=]Chinese For Ron Paul, - YouTube[/ame]

    OWS Sympathizers Hijack Ron Paul Q & A (Mic Checked!) - Democratic Underground

    Many Democrats are supporting Ron also...

    Democrats for Ron Paul | We're voting for peace!

    Ron's message of individual Liberty & personal freedom seems to be reaching the ears of the ENTIRE WORLD!

    How come there isn't a Europe for Gingrich??? Or an Australia for Romney??? Maybe Mitt & Newt can't get the Major Managed News Media(MMNM) to give them any coverage??? I thought it was Ron that was cut short on news coverage??? But then again I was told that nobody knew of Ron Paul??? That Ron would never be a top tier candidate??? Has the GOP establishment run out of sellable establishment front men??? Is the jig up for the establishment GOP puppet masters??? Time will tell!

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