Romney's work for welfare plan

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LilOlLady, Aug 7, 2012.

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    (aka slave labor.)

    Duh? If people had jobs they would not need welfare. Romney don’t know why most people are on welfare. And does not know what welfare is. Most people are on welfare because they lost their jobs and need benefits to care for their families until they can find new work. Others are sick or disabled and are therefore unable to work. But who are the people on welfare that Romney want to give welfare to in return for work? What kind of work created by whom? Radical Right Wing Extremists want to do away with Social Security, SSI, Medicare and Medicaid and put the elderly, handicap and disabled on government run “poor farms” to cut spending.

    If we want to get people off welfare, we need to create jobs for them, training for those jobs and affordable baby sitters for those women with children on welfare. Make work more profitable than welfare for them. A women with children on welfare have no hope if working at a minimum wage job. Unless she worked three of them. There were many work training programs doing the 80s but the Right did away with them. Putting people on the welfare role permanent. Until Clinton signed into law Welfare Reform.

    Obama want to just waive the work or train to work program altogether and give every one who does not have a job welfare with no hope of ever getting off. The old welfare plan. That is what Romney accuse Obama of wanting to do, but I don’t believe it. The program Obama is talking about is TANF and it does not work the way Romney claim it does. How can you require one to work when there are no jobs? Ro requires more government spending.

    Romney don’t know why most people are on welfare. And does not know what welfare is

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