'Romney's Racist' Sign:

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    'Romney's Racist' Sign:
    At least one Republican is very concerned about Mitt Romney's Mormon faith.
    Steven Showers, 59, has erected a 14-foot-high, neon sign saying that Romney is a racist who will doom the GOP. The flashing monument on Showers' Southern California front lawn pleads with passerbys to "Save the GOP" from "Romney's racist heart."
    "I was stunned to find out that the Mormon religion is a white supremacist, anti-black, racist ideology," he said to the Ventura County Star.
    According to Showers’ website, RomneysRacistHeart.com, the following belief is “embedded” in Mormon doctrine: “White skin indicates a pure character before God. Anything less than white skin indicates a corruption of character before God. Black skin, according to Mormon Doctrine, is an indicator of the worst corruption of character before God.”
    'Romney's Racist' Sign: Steven Showers' 14-Foot, Neon Monument Calls Mormonism Racist (VIDEO)

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