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    Aside from the way the media reports poll numbers as though they are news talking heads played the race card since the seventies. If you believe the chattering class the black vote has been the deciding factor in every election —— at least they were until the Hispanic vote got in on the action.

    The numbers are interesting when compared to Tea Partiers:

    Black Americans: 36,285,000

    Hispanic Americans: 46,556,500

    Tea Party Americans: 41,000,000

    Here’s my breakdown:

    1. Deduct children from the Black and Hispanic total. I think it’s about 15%

    2. Not every Black and Hispanic adult is a Democrat, nor will every Black and Hispanic vote on election day.

    3. Tea Party voters are all adults and they will all vote Nov. 6. That makes their 41 million larger than the Black vote, and equal to the Hispanic vote. That’s why Hussein treats Blacks and Hispanics as one voting bloc.

    4. There are strong signs that a percentage Blacks and Hispanics who usually vote Democrat are far from pleased with Hussein and will either stay home or vote for Romney. Bishop E. W. Jackson is calling for Blacks to abandon the Democrat party. Listen to his interesting reasons in this audio:

    I doubt if the MSM reported this poll as news :

    41 Million Tea Party Supporters Set to Vote
    by Dustin Hawkins 28 Sep 2012

    41 Million Tea Party Supporters Set to Vote

    As I’ve said before, the MSM is trying to prevent a landslide defeat for Hussein because they know he is going to lose based on people who always vote. It will be a landslide defeat of gigantic portions should a substantial number of voters who never vote come out on Nov. 6. Liberals always vote. Their number is static; so there is no untapped supply for Hussein in first-time adult voters coming out for this election.

    Parenthetically, Democrats have long wanted to do away with the Electoral Collage because they were convinced their combined voting blocs would give them every presidential election. Listen to this doublespeak crap just a month ago:

    Democrats cannot get a constitutional amendment ratified to abolish the Electoral Collage any more than they can ratify amendments for everything else they want; so they are working on another end run. That’s what liberals do when they want to tear down the Constitution brick by brick. An end run is their only option because they know that most Americans will not change a system that has served this country so well for over two centuries just to please angry liberals.

    And Elliot Spitzer! Need I say more than his name?

    The only thing I have not figured out is how Al Gore is going to make a buck after the Electoral Collage is abolished. He has to pick up the slack somewhere now that his global warming scams are in the toilet:

    Al Gore bails from green-energy investment
    But climate-change prophet's company still touts profits of 'alternative' market
    Published: 14 hours ago

    Al Gore bails from green-energy investment
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