Quintuple OUCH! Primary 'enthusiasm gap' points to November GOP turnout advantage

Discussion in 'Politics' started by teapartysamurai, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Read it all here: Primary 'enthusiasm gap' points to November GOP turnout advantage - The Hill's Ballot Box

    It's the economy stupid. Democrats and their big government Keysenian ideas have UTTERLY FAILED to do anything about the economy and voters are FED UP.

    They have watched as arrogant Democrats ignored them on government healthcare, ignored them on the economy, and they intend to let themselves be heard in November.

    I warned people when Obama was elected. I KNOW LIBERALS. They are ARROGANT to their core. I knew once unleashed they were going to let their arrogance get ahead of them, and they would overreach. They did.

    November is coming!


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