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    " A EUROVISION song that mocks Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been chosen by neighbouring Georgia.

    The country, invaded by Russia in a territory war last year, picked We Don’t Wanna Put In via a TV poll.

    It continues: “The negative move, it’s killing the groove. You better change your perspective.”

    Pop group Stefane & 3G’s backing dancers also mimicked being shot in the head.

    Viewers and a jury voted for the song to represent them at the competition in MOSCOW in May.

    But the tune — described by Georgia as “light-hearted” — may be banned by Eurovision bosses as it breaches rules about making political statements. They will decide after the March 16 deadline for entries.

    The country originally planned to pull out of the contest in protest against Russia, which won last year.

    But they changed their minds and got Stefane Mgebrishvili to create the controversial song.

    Georgia and Russia fought last August over breakaway region South Ossetia. "

    Georgia song Putin boot in | The Sun |Showbiz|TV

    They sure are creative :lol:
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