Proof Obama is not the "smartest"!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by healthmyths, Jul 24, 2012.

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    When a person like Obama who supposedly is educated and a supposedly with "superior communication skills" evidently either didn't learn or forgot one of the basics of "winning friends and influencing opinion" summed by this OLD common adage:
    "You don't bite the hand that feeds you"!

    Why does Obama continually "bite the hand that feeds him".. i.e. Taxpayers!
    Because HE thinks he is appealing to a larger contingency.. less affluent voters which there are more of then affluent. And that makes sense .. if you have money.

    And Obama DID have money pipeline with the Unions sending 90% of political donations to Democrats.. BUT the continual growing disgust with unions and their tactics is slowing union membership and therefore donations.

    So if I were Obama the next group I DEFINITELY would not insult but go after is the
    small businesses that have less then 50 employees that can be influenced by the owners!

    YET this "smartest" President is turning that group off and thereby reducing now not only sources of donations BUT votes!

    Obama is obviously not following the Hippocratic Oath which first dictates "Do no harm"!

    He is harming his cash flow and potential votes!

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