Prayers for the Assassin

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    I'm about halfway through this one and it's pretty good so far. I have a thing for "what-if" novels and stories around those lines. Like Fatherland, the book that takes place in 1965, only Germany won WWII. Prayers for the Assassin is basically a "what if the terrorist win" kind of deal. The story is good and gripping but requires a little suspension of disbeif here and there.

    Basically what happened is that in 2015 three nukes go off in Washington, New York, and Mecca. Everyone thinks al Qaeda or other Jihadis did it until a Mossad agent is caught and confesses that the whole thing was a Zionist plot to discredit Islam. Martial Law is declared in the US, and most Northern blue-staters decide to give up and convert to Islam, taking after the Hollywood movie stars who make it fasionable (sorta like scientology, only this catches on). Pseudo-sharia law is introduced, and Protestant Christians flee south and break away to form the Bible Belt (the old Confederacy minus Virginia and little peices of certain states). Catholics decide to remain in the Islamic Republic as dhimmis. (Yes, I CAN see that happening.) Utah and southern Idaho become the Morom Territores, and Navada becomes it's own country centered around Las Vegas. Civil War erupts within two years between the Bible Belt (capital Atlanta) and the Islamic Republic of America (capital Seattle).

    Fast-forward to 2040, Seattle. The civil war is over with Chicago and Detroit gone from the fighting, and verious plague zones where bioweapons were used all over the place. A woman named Sarah Dougan has found evidence that the attacks in 2015 might not have been a Jewish plot after all. Now she's on the run from an assassin working for the religious police. She and a man named Rakkim (an ex-Fedayeen) have to somehow get the truth out before they're killed.

    Exciting, good action so far.

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